Frank Delos Wolfe: California Prairie Architecture, book by Krista Van Laan



Wolfe & Higgins: Master Architects of the Spanish Revival by Krista Van Laan tells the stories of the memorable architecture done during the 1920s partnership of Frank Wolfe and William Ernest Higgins

Architect Frank Delos Wolfe (1862-1926) was one of the most prolific architects of his time. For 35 years, Wolfe, with and without partners, made significant architectural contributions to Northern California and in particular to his adopted city of San Jose, California. Eight of his buildings are today on the National Register of Historic Places, and many others are city landmarks.

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One of Frank Wolfe's most distinctive periods was between 1912 and 1917, when he became well known for his Prairie-style architecture, influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Delos Wolfe